Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PT Stretches and Verbiage

               Proper PT Stretching Procedures and Verbiage

Command - response

"Flight, fall in!"  - Flight falls in

"Open ranks, harch!" - First row takes two steps forward, second row takes one step forward, third row stays stationary.  Everyone except cadets on the far left pop up their left arms.  Everyone except the element leader turns their head 45 degrees to the right so you can see the cadet in front of you and the cadet to your right.

"Right up, hun!" - Everyone drops their left arm and comes to attention.

"At double intervals, dress right, hess!" - The flight puts up both arms and people go to double arm spacing.  Note, if there's no one to your right or left, don't put up that arm.  Everyone also bounces on the balls of their feet.

"Right up, hun!" - Everyone drops both their arms and comes to attention.

"Half right, hace!" - Everyone performs a half-right facing movement.

"The first exercise of the day will be toe-touches.  This is a 10 count exercise, we will perform two repetitions.  Position of the exercise - move" - Everyone crosses right foot over left and bends down to touch their toes.

"Ready - begin!" - Everyone continues to touch their toes.  At this point, the flight leader counts 1 through 10.  When they reach 10, the flight counts "1" in unison.

"Switch" - Everyone switches feet.

"Ready - begin!" - Same as before except count "2" after the flight leader reaches 10.  Once the flight says "2", they say "Permission to recover."  At this point, the flight leader comes to attention and says

"Recover!" - *This is said without emphasis on the RE of recover, it should be said in ONE syllable* The flight then comes to attention and responds loudly "Air power!"

"The next exercise of the day will be static knee bend.  This is a 10 count exercise, we will perform two repetitions.  Position of the exercise - move!" - Everyone grabs their right knee to stretch their quad.

"Ready - begin!" - The same procedure as for toe touches follows.  This is the same for all the exercises except for one exception (listed later).

We perform the following stretches in the listed order: Toe touches, static knee bend, calves stretch, sit and reach, and toe-grab stretch.  

** Note: after sit and reach, when the flight asks for permission to recover, the flight leader says "Denied." **

After these basic stretches, there will usually be a 2-3 minute personal stretch.  The verbiage is as follows: 

"The next exercise of the day will be a 3 (or 2) minute personal stretch.  Position of the exercise is at your own discretion.  Position of the exercise - Move.  (Important: Nobody moves.)  Ready - begin!"

With about 10-15 seconds left in the personal stretch, the flight leader will call:

"Standby" - Flight goes to standby.

"Recover" - Flight goes to attention and yells "Air power!"

The flight leader than brings the flight back into formation using the following commands:

"Half-left, hace!" - Everyone turns and faces front

"Close ranks, harch!" - (back row takes two steps forward, middle row takes 1 step, front row takes no step.  Note, front row is closest to flight leader while back row is farthest.)

"Dress right, hess!" (Remember, take little baby steps even if you're far away from the person on your right.)

"Right up, hun!" - Everyone drops their right arm

"Fall out."

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